PRO Tape & String

The PRO pack adds quality and protects the contents displayed inside your frame. If you don't plan to change the contents of your frame for a while, and don't mind some basic DIY, it's well worth adding.


The process is simple and achievable for anybody keen to have a go at it. And the end result is worth it! 

  • Adds Strength and Durability
  • Adds Protection against Moisture and Debris
  • Adds Value and Quality
  • Adds extra quality making your frame even better for:
    Gifts, Exhibition, Home, Studio or the Office

The pack comes with:

  • 2m Professional Non-Stretch Nylon String
  • 2m Professional Water Resistant Breathable Tape
  • 2 x (plus 1 for luck) D-Rings
  • 2 x (plus 1 for luck) Screws
  • Written Instructions with Photographs
  • Link to YouTube Instructional Video

All you need is:

  • Screwdriver
  • Craft Knife or Scalpel
  • A drill and 1-2mm drill bit is also advisable.

Rubix Frames Professional Tape and String DIY pack allows you to add extra quality and protection to your frame. The d-rings and string system is a traditional means of hanging that allows air to flow around your picture frames so that moisture can’t, creating a better environment for your much loved contents. The tape adds a massive amount of extra strength to the frame and a defence against moisture and debris that might otherwise find its way in.

We don’t tend to look at the back of a picture frame when its up on the wall, but this simple pack makes such a difference to the overall look, value and durability. It’s an ideal way to finish off your frame with a professional finish, ideal for gifts or exhibition purposes. And also works if you just want to take your frame to the next level – the contents may be of monetary or emotional value, or you might be someone who just wants to have that extra bit of quality.