We aim to use the best professional framing materials suitable within our range of Rubix Frames. We can't compete with mass produced cheap frame prices that are on the market today. We give you a higher standard of materials within our frames, at a great price. A Rubix Frame will last the test of time and keep your valued (framed) items safe.

Plus, you can personalise our frames - and they look really good!  :)

100% Wood frame
All Rubix frames are made with 100% wood mouldings and professional framing materials. Each frame is handmade to order in our specialist framing workshop in Devon. 

Acid Free Mount
All our Mounts are acid free, age resistant, conservation quality boards, designed to protect works of art and achieve the highest levels of presentation for framing and meet FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) standards.

Remember, we also stock coloured mounts - Make it Awesome!
Take a look [ here ] at our choice of colours.

Conservation Backing Board
All of our frames come with good quality water proof conservation backing board. Our backing board has a conservation barrier paper that sits between your artwork and the outer frame backing board. Recommended for all levels of framing, that help to preserve your artwork.

Standard Plastic Glaze
Clear 1.2mm thick plastic styrene glaze suitable for home or public areas. Lightweight shatter-resistant and looks just like glass. It does the job of showing off your framed items perfectly. It does not have any UV protective qualities but is a good glazing option for most environments where you want a durable safe glaze.

AR70 Art Glass 
It has 70% UV Protection against fading and has an anti-reflective coating that helps colours stay bright and vivid. Artglass AR70 with low-iron glass substrate guarantees true colours while the invisible magnetron sputtered coating virtually eliminates reflection. Artglass AR70 is an effective solution for invisible displays where exposure to UV is minimal. With its smooth surface and increased transmission we recommend this product for photography and print glazing.

Thickness: 2mm
UV Block: 70%
Reflection: <1.0%
Visible Light Transmission: >98.3%

Take a look [ here ] at our AR70 Art Glass Range of Sizes.

PRO Tape & String Pack
The PRO pack is an additional item that you can add to your order. The Tape seals the back of your frame and protects the contents displayed inside your frame. If you don't plan to change the contents of your frame for a while, and don't mind some basic DIY, it's well worth adding. The D-Clips and String make the frame easier to hang and more secure on the wall.

Great for the enthusiast and good protection for valuable and collectable items. This is amazing stuff and is used in many professional environments.

Take a look [ here ] at our PRO Tape & String Pack.